Hi there,

We hope you are enjoying your free a/c with Fluid UI.

Today we are announcing some changes to the service.

From the 1st of November we will limit access to some of the platform libraries and functionality currently available to Free users. Going forward these features will only be available to the paid accounts.

The Changes

As of November 1st the free account will provide access to the following:

Free Libraries

  • Mobile and Desktop Wireframe
  • Mobile (iOS 6 and Android 2)

The following content and features will be restricted to paid accounts only:

Paid Libraries

  • Mobile (iOS 8, iOS7, Android 4 and Windows 8)
  • Tablet (iPad and Android)
  • Wearables (Google Glass, AndroidWear, Gear 2 and Pebble smartwatch)

Paid Features

  • My Images (Upload to your images library)
  • My Widgets (Create your own widget library)


Since Fluid UI launched in 2012 we have led the way in terms of free access to a growing range of platform libraries and functionality. This is not the end of that access - simply a long overdue correction to the volume of features and libraries that we offer for zero dollars.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) business it was always envisaged that we tweak our offering over time in response to usage data, consumer demand and the changes in market conditions. These alterations are necessary to secure the future of the platform and company - allowing Fluid UI to deliver even more exciting platforms and features long into the future.

Over time we will make more libs and features available to free users - but going forward the majority of the exciting new functionality being added to the platform will be restricted to the paid tiers.

It is worth remembering that even with these changes Fluid UI still represents enormous value over many of our competitors. In a recent price & feature comparison of 15 of our competitors Fluid UI finished in the top 3 places for range and depth of functionality offered - and yet in terms of pricing we were 3rd cheapest!

What happens next?

From Nov 1st you will still be able to access all your projects and data - no change there.

However, if you wish to add new content to these existing projects (or create new projects) using any of the features or libraries now behind the paywall - you would have to upgrade to one of the paid a/cs.

  • You can continue to design and add content from the free libs as usual.
  • You are still restricted to a single active project at any one time
  • You can still share your designs and prototypes with colleagues & clients using the QR reader in the Fluid mobile app
  • There are no changes to the number of pages and links per project you can add

Reasons to upgrade

If you enjoy using Fluid UI’s wide range of platform libraries and features then please take a moment to review our paid plans and choose the right option for you.

  • Continue to get access to a wide and ever-growing range of libraries - including four Wearables libs - with several exciting new platforms on the way
  • Access to Image Uploads, Save to My Widgets
  • More Sharing & Exporting options to collaborate with colleagues & clients
  • And with many more exciting features to come over the next six months

We also now offer several enterprise hosting/team options - including a Private SaaS / White Label version and Enterprise Self-hosted version. Please contact us to find out more.

Cheers and happy designing,
The Fluid UI Team