187. Reviewer preview and comments - minor fixes

Jun 21, 2018
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  • Fixed an issue where reviewer comments weren't saved in the latest Firefox (Firefox quantum)
  • Added more interesting anonymous naming for reviewers of projects who aren't signed in (they were "new" before...now fun animal names.)
  • Prevented preview from accessing your account details if you open a reviewer window in the same browser you are signed into.
  • Fixed positioning of archive comment so it is always in the same place regardless of other options (makes for faster archiving of multiple comments)
  • Added escape shortcut to cancel adding comment in reviewer comments, second escape now zooms out if you are in the middle of adding a comment.
  • Fixed a situation where the editor could contaminate account data when opening a preview link from another user and setting a new name / email when adding a comment.
  • Fixed an error was thrown trying to share a project for collaboration when no project was open.