186. Collaboration + team management usability improvements

By Dave Kearney on Jun 11, 2018

New functionality for teams

  • Team members can now add/remove other team members to their teams
  • Team members can now share/unshare any project the have collaboration permissions on with other team members
  • Team members can now clone and archive projects that are shared with them
  • Team members can now change any project settings they are collaborating on

Usability improvements for teams

  • New far more usable collaboration menu (toggles for team members, you no longer have to remember their email addresses)
  • Added a link to team management in project collaborators list to jump easily back and forwards between team management and project collaboration management
  • Changes Share menu to “Share/Collaborate”
  • Separated out “Share” and “Send complete copy” and provided some more information on their functionality.

Misc improvements based on Fluid design standards

  • Improved version history layout
  • Improved project settings layout
  • Improved Splash screens settings layout
  • Improved team members management styling
  • Added Avatars and names to collaborators and team management panels


  • “Share to view” functionality has been removed. Sharing is either now as a fully collaborative teammate or as a reviewer, which the link is always available for.

Other bug fixes

  • Handle case where there is no open project, but you want to manage team
  • Archived projects should not appear in the shared projects list
  • Allow team members to re-share project with other team members