[Fixed] Some projects’ preview icons were showing as blank in project settings.

[Fixed] Fluid was forgetting the last open project when a user logged out.

[Fixed] The version history page could not be scrolled through for some user’s projects.

[Fixed] A bug was causing the exports of a previously exported project to be downloaded when opening up other projects.

[Fixed] A user found that one of their projects didn’t have any version history displayed.


[Fixed] We fixed a bug where a user was choosing a height for a widget but the widget was incorrectly taking the height of the page it was on.

[Fixed] Positioning of widgets was sometimes incorrect when a user dragged multiple widgets and then zoom out.

[Fixed] When selecting the Windows mobile library the Windows tablet library was selected in the dropdown menu.

[Fixed] We fixed a bug where a user reported loss of saved patterns when they upgraded and reloaded the editor.


[Fixed] A user was experiencing a text glitch when downloading their screens.

[Fixed] Text was ending up in the wrong position after undoing and redoing edits.


[Fixed] The play button was disappearing for some users after making a project inactive and closing the projects settings box.

[Fixed] A user noticed that a page’s play button was displayed in a blank page after exiting the preview mode.


[Fixed] The page ‘width’ description was missing from the device settings page when a user was choosing custom resolutions.

[Fixed] The view settings pop up was automatically closing when double clicking to select the camera’s zoom settings.


[Fixed] A user on Firefox reported that links were disappearing from pages when double clicking in the editor when zoomed in.

[Fixed] Users were able to double click and add pages when zoomed in, where it should only be possible when in zoomed out mode.