[Fixed] We fixed a bug where the intercom chat button wasn’t always visible in the editor.
[Fixed] Dropping a link on the canvas was no longer deleting that link.


[Fixed] The widget menu was sometimes erroneously showing up in preview mode after opening it in edit mode.

[Fixed] It was reported that some users could not change the colors of multi segment widgets.

[Fixed] Some text was showing as overflowing in zoomed out mode.

[Fixed] Some multi segment widgets were behaving strangely when users removed a segment.

[Fixed] The widget menu wasn’t closing automatically when focusing on another page.


[Fixed] Editor breaks after deleting a page which has grouped widget and is linked to another page which has same type of widget


[Fixed] A user reported that they could’t activate their project when they upgraded to a ‘solo’ account.

[Fixed] A user reported that an opened project was stopping the preview from working.

[Fixed] Projects from a previous used account could be seen and edited in a newly created account.