Improved in this release

Smarter page centering: Do you have a large monitor and want to work on multiple pages at the same time? Now you can line up pages beside each other and edit them without having to select them separately.

Smarter widget centering: Selecting widgets now moves the camera far less and far less often, meaning quicker editing than ever. You can also access more parts of your pages at one time.

New camera controls: Use the new view menu to set up the camera the way you want it. Choose whether to zoom in completely to a large screen (fixed mode) or focus on a page intelligently first (smart mode).

Less movement: We’ve reduced the number of times the camera needs to move to get to exactly where you want. Less movement equals more productivity.

Fine grain control over widget zoom: Want to work at 200% or 400% zoom when selecting widgets? The control is now in your hands.

Better use of screen space: We’ve worked hard to make every pixel on the screen something that gives you context and helps you make better design decisions quickly.

Improved magic mouse support: We’ve heard a lot of feedback about how people love the camera movement on Fluid UI, but that the magic mouse causes unwanted movements in and out. We’ve added an on/off option to prevent zooming using the mouse wheel - perfect for magic mouse users that want more accurate control of their experience.


  • Fixed Users can now render in smart mode for very large pages on webkit
  • Fixed Selecting text will now zoom to the text box for editing
  • Fixed Moving a widget close to the edge of the screen no longer causes the page to zoom to a different level
  • Fixed When recentering the view to page zoom level everything now stays in the same position
  • Fixed Pages are now recentred by the camera correctly when deselecting a text widget on a large page
  • Fixed When resizing widgets the widgets now always remain in view
  • Fixed Camera now updates position at widget level after adding a background


  • Fixed Backgrounds will now resize correctly when zoomed out after resizing screen using the page menu
  • Fixed Pages which couldn’t be seen when zoomed in sometimes disappeared when dragging a page
  • Fixed Zooming now updates correctly when dragging a widget into another page
  • Fixed Context menu of the page is now displaying all the buttons when resolution is set to Pebble