This week started out quiet enough… but that lasted about an hour… what a week it turned out to be for our little startup! We are blown away by the coverage and the general thumbs up reaction to Fluid UI. Here’s roughly what happened.

Android Patterns

I updated some comments I’d left on Android Patterns with the direct link to the Fluid UI editor. Within minutes this feature post appeared on the site and all hell broke loose on our site :)


Twitter went a little nuts this week too.

See for yourself - main searches!/search/!/search/fluidui!/search/fluid%20ui


We somehow ended up #1 link on Reddit/Android for about 24 hours. We got 10% of all the traffic we have ever had in a few hours - this obviously lead to our servers going down. We lost about an hour while we upgraded everything. The Redditers kindly just cracked jokes “Your servers got Reddit-ed!” - we got it back up and running - now 4 times faster than before so it all worked out well in the end. We got tons of feedback and questions from redditers - we are going through them and will answer them all when we have time to give good answers and updates on those things. Feedback always welcome.

Android Police

As all that was going on - Android Police released a review of Fluid UI on their front page”There’s no doubt that Fluid UI can make itself an invaluable tool to app/mobile designers everywhere, and it’s a project worth keeping an eye on, as the team at Fluid Software show no signs of slowing down. For those interested, Ian Hannigan of Fluid Software is answering questions and discussing the project with users over at Reddit All we can say is thank you! It’s been a brilliant launch week!
EDIT: This just landed to top the whole week off…… and this

and this:

New to Android development? Here’s a list of great resources and references available

and this :

Yeah, it was one of those weeks :)