It’s been one month since Fluid UI launched to the world. The reaction that we saw during launch week was intense due to some great Fluid UI reviews and a whole lot of Reddit users - but nothing could have really prepared us for what was about to unfold. Some of this is still a blur :) here’s roughly what happened…

The fuse that Hacker News lit

News about the launch of Fluid UI quickly spread to Hacker News (Y Combinator). We rapidly gained votes and became one of the top stories for about 24 hours. As you can imagine on HN this generated huge levels of interest, praise, criticism and even spirited debate… mainly about browsers :) Meanwhile, we did our best to stay afloat during a flood of emails, questions and commercial inquiries. We’re genuinely humbled to have sparked that kind of reaction within such a respected international community. Our favourite picks…

“Really excellent piece of work. I’ve been using Omnigraffle for almost 10yrs and this is the first web-based tool that I’ve felt good about. Really great work.”

“I love how quickly you’ve made it for someone to get started using the tool. Bravo!”

Thanks to everyone for their amazing comments and feedback. We listen carefully to it all, both the good and the bad and see all feedback as an opportunity to improve the quality of Fluid UI.

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From Russia (and beyond) with love

There are so many positive comments and reviews it’s hard to list them all here. We got some truly remarkable coverage in Russia, China, Japan, Germany and beyond. Our team has a good grasp of foreign languages which is lucky :) We even landed our own Wikipedia page, it is in English, for now. At this point Twitter was also ablaze…

Check out the latest reactions here:

The floodgates opened

With over 100,000 people coming to use the Fluid UI editor in launch month we have been busy looking after our new customers and users, our focus is very much on feedback, stability and generally making sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Going with the flow

We have exciting news about Firefox coming soon (maybe readers on Hacker news might be able to guess what that might be), we have some very interesting new widget libraries coming (hint: we’re broadening the native Mobile OS components covered), we have added the “screenflow” diagram export features and we are working on future updates but more on that later. All we can say is a very sincere thank you to all! The first fully live month for Fluid UI is more than we could have ever hoped for. Having said that, We are not resting for a moment and look forward to making some more exciting announcements in the near future. Situation: Fluid.

The Fluid UI Team