New features

  • Upgrades / premium accounts types
  • Android 4.0 phone widget library (Holo light and dark)
  • iPad tablet widget library
  • Android 4.0 tablet widget library (Holo light and dark)
  • Sketchy widget library updated
  • Page cloning
  • Page add (via button)
  • Image resizing
  • Basic HTML export (beta)
  • Image exports
  • New tablet and phone device sizes
  • Custom device sizes
  • Fluid Player App for Android (beta)
  • Major performance enhancements (Chrome and Safari)

Issues Fixed

  • Chrome offers the best Fluid UI experience at the moment - work is ongoing to address some issues with Safari on Mac that are negatively impacting the user experience.
  • Users may experience a performance dip in projects with 20 or more pages
    On Android phones the browser bar remains visible while viewing mockups with regular page size (320x480).
  • Androidwvga80 (480x800) mockup is not scaling correctly on device.
  • Some swipe gestures fail on Android device when page is larger than screen.
  • Device dropdown sometimes does not correctly report current device.
  • Issues when sharing a mockup with phone - in particular iPhone may attempt to preview the entire Fluid Player rather than only displaying the mockup - if you experience this issue please use the QR code.
  • Custom screen sizes currently not supported.
  • Currently no option to reset account passwords.
  • Sign up and sign in experiences now streamlined.
  • Image resizing currently not supported.
  • Widget widths not auto-updating when device type / page width are changed.
  • Clone page currently not available. In development.
  • Dedicated tablet UI libraries not available.
  • Copying and pasting widgets between pages results in a slight offset on the target page.
  • Signup notification now mentions that work is automatically saved/stored.
  • Notice something not reported here? Please lets us know here : fluid ui support
  • Once you create an account, your work is saved automatically - notification about this, currently missing.

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