Does your company aim to deliver an exceptional design experience to your customers? Have you considered the impact of working with your own company branded software to create your designs? Or do your corporate security policies restrict what cloud services you can access?Fluid UI offers two tailored options for companies seeking to deliver a new level of requirements capture and mobile UI design services to their customers. The Fluid UI Private Cloud The Fluid UI private cloud is the perfect solution for companies which deliver high quality prototypes as part of their development process and who want a customised, white labelled look when dealing with their customers. The Fluid UI private cloud is a separate, self hosted instance of Fluid UI, hosted on your domain with your own look and feel and dedicated to your company’s needs. it comes in two flavours - managed for a secure, no headaches solution for your company or self-managed to ensure complete data security and access restriction. All Fluid UI private cloud instances include a range of options designed to match your team’s requirements while improving the quality of your design work and come with premium support, training and access to our API for even more integration. Fluid UI Enterprise Edition Some Fluid UI users need a more bespoke and flexible solution. Fluid UI enterprise edition allows a large organisation to install Fluid UI behind their corporate firewall, restricting access and complying with corporate data protection and regulatory policies. Fluid UI enterprise edition comes with all of the advantages of the private cloud, plus professional services tailored to your needs as well as on site support, training and access to our prioritised feature development and access program. If you are interested in either a private cloud or enterprise installation, please contact our sales team at or for more information.