Version 1.0 arrives

After an epic adventure and over 1,900 dev builds we are excited to announce that Fluid UI is now launched and live on the web for everyone to use. The link you want is Be sure to sign up for a free account and share the link far and wide. The team here have been working heroically around the clock to achieve this important milestone. This is a special time for all involved. We sincerely hope that you enjoy using Fluid UI as much as we enjoy making it. We also hope that it helps you to create and share many great mobile designs.

Bartosz in Fluid

Mucho goodies

The launch update is bursting with new goodies that’ll help you to make great mobile mockups. Newly added premium accounts types, iPad and Android tablet libraries, Android Ice Cream Sandwich libraries for phone and tablet, page cloning, custom Image resizing, HTML and Image exports. Overall performance in Safari and Chrome is greatly improved. To top it all off a we’ve also released a Fluid Player App for Android (beta) which offers completely full screen mockups on android devices. Download it here:

Lively updates

The best news is that Fluid UI is a live web application, meaning constant improvement and regular live updates. When Fluid UI is updated you’ll get access to the newest version without any downloads needed. We’re already working on that next update.

Feedback loops

We really do love your feedback and we’re grateful for such high-quality feedback from a fantastic beta user group. This launch version is a major step forward, thanks in no small part to the feedback of users like you, but of course it’s not perfect or finished. If you have ideas about how to improve Fluid UI or notice any snags please share them with us : and then watch out for the next update. Have fun! The Fluid UI Team