A juicy new update to Fluid UI is planned for release on Monday the 28th of January. Testing on the new version is ongoing and the live update will happen shortly after that. Some of the most requested feedback issues are being addressed so we can’t wait to show it off to you all.

The juicy January update is now live. We hope you enjoy it!


Goodies inside…

More forgiving:

Undo/Redo version 1 (Action history) is making a début in the next update. The long awaited and much requested feature finally makes it into the limelight. This is version 1 of action history but we wanted to get something in your hands right away and take your feedback on it from there.

More precision:

Grid and snapping version 1 appears on the scene this next update. Making precise layouts is now a breeze.

More control:

User account controls. Fully manage your own account options. Again this is not a complete version, work will continue with future updates. Now you can: Change your account type, change email, change password, add billing information controls.

More speed:

Serious performance gains. Including faster zooming, larger projects with high level of performance, quicker selections and under the hood widget management. This is phase 1 with phase 2 coming in a later update. Performance is an ongoing priority for us.

More info:

Page titles and page notes will now be exported with the print view / generated pdf.

More colours:

A new version of the colour and gradient tools is on it’s way

More styles:

New fonts come included this month - try them out!

More widgets:

Updated Android ICS library with new widgets

More shortcuts:

We’ve added lots of handy shortcuts - see the help section for a list of them and what they do. Included is shortcuts for undo.

More blinking:

We’ve added a new type of blinking text for the HTML5 generation we hope tha…. ah okay just kidding, but everything else is for real :)

Chrome web store app

Enjoy the new version and be sure to let us know what you think!

Tell us what you think…


The Fluid UI team