We’re delighted to bring you a new version of FluidUI!The new release, named “Lois Pennycandy”, is a bugfix release. Over 50 bugs were fixed, making this the most stable version of our editor yet. The changes include:

  • Several improvements to uploaded images, with more to come!
  • Major fixes for our payment and billing system, particularly for users with American Express cards. Also, several issues with the invoice list have been resolved.
  • Some fixes for non-Roman alphabets (especially for Korean and Japanese users).
  • A large number of fixes for the context menu - 3 digit hex input, text alignment, and more.
  • Some polish for the project branding feature.
  • Improvements for the editor’s main interface. The play and zoom buttons are no longer clickable when inactive, widgets are now visible when dragging from library, widget grouping polish, prevented the widget width/height indicator from getting in the way, and we now use a local QR code generation library.
  • Major fixes to project thumbnail drawing and restoring projects, which caused project data to not appear correctly (we spent several days on this one and released it as a hotfix as soon as it was ready)

We also added horizontal and vertical lines as widgets, made the editor work in incognito/private browsing mode, and fixed several dozen other things.We have some really exciting things on the horizon here at FluidUI, not the least of which is a certain fruit-based widget library…