174. Beautiful high definition rendering for all widgets

By Dave Kearney on Oct 11, 2017

When we first wrote most of our rendering code, iOS didn’t support SVG rendering properly, so we used the html <canvas> instead - which worked great at lower resolutions, but tended to look quite poor when displaying designs at 200%, 300% or higher resolutions - which is of course really important when doing fine detail work.

That’s now a thing of the past, and we’ve totally rewritten our rendering engine to display all widgets - new and old - in high quality svg that draws nicely at whatever level you are working at.

All your existing projects look better, and all your new projects will start off looking better than ever before.

Try it out here or download the desktop client.


In this release:

  • All new and old widgets now render in SVG rather than canvas.


  • https not used for favicon, leading to security warnings.