In our latest release we have made substantial changes to the functionality of the Fluid UI editor with the introduction of a new mode which focusses on real time comments.

We have also made some changes to the look and feel of the editor which will make your experience even better.

The most obvious change you will notice when you sign in is the new mode menu which gives you three options: Edit, Comment and Preview

The comments mode is the single most important and exciting part of this release. All of those conversations with users, stakeholders, developers can now be done in real time in the Fluid editor.

You will be able to comment and reply to comments directly in the editor. You can also do this in real time so there are no costly time delays when important decisions need to be made.

We have also made some changes to the location and contents of the share menu. It is now located in the home menu and has a slightly new look and feel to incorporate the new functionality.

From the share menu you now have the option to add a collaborator to your project and define the privileges that each will have:

This gives you the opportunity to invite users to test your prototype, stakeholders and team colleagues to opportunity to comment and improve the prototype. It also gives you the opportunity to communicate with your development team. And all of this in real time.

While you can still share the preview as usual via a preview link, we have now made it possible to share a link which will allow you to invite comments with a shareable comment link.

There are also a lot of cosmetic changes to the editor:

New menu icons

Chat Support

Our live chat can now be accessed via the home menu.

Locking Widgets

You can now lock widgets simply and easily in the Fluid editor

####Full change list


  • [Feature] Comments (All previous page notes are now part of comments)
  • [Feature] Lock widgets functionality in widget menu


  • [Improvement] Added shortcut (g) to toggle grid.
  • [Improvement] Links flash briefly when a click/swipe is performed on a non-linked widget.
  • [Improvement] Restored delete button in Link hover menu
  • [Improvement] Preview can now show 100% scale as a detfault option.
  • [Improvement] Changes made at project level sync much faster when project is extremely large
  • [Improvement] Grid overlaying all widgets when turned on
  • [Improvement] Cloned widget is drawn while dragging when using alt+drag


  • [Cosmetic] New top menu look and feel with larger buttons.
  • [Cosmetic] Live support chat has been now added in the Help section of main menu
  • [Cosmetic] Widget effects when selecting/hovering over them
  • [Cosmetic] New widget resize handles
  • [Cosmetic] Improved outline when selecting multiple widgets
  • [Cosmetic] Mobile frame look while previewing project
  • [Cosmetic] Version History moved to project settings
  • [Cosmetic] Old share button is now integrated in Share options in home menu.
  • [Cosmetic] New tabs in the library panel to better explain uploads etc.


  • [bugfix] Selection of the pages is now correct when using arrows to switch between them
  • [bugfix] Undoing a widget action no longer makes the grid disappear
  • [bugfix] Cloned widget now selected after dropping it using alt+drag shortcut command