[Fixed] We fixed a bug where images were not showing in print view.

[Fixed] Uploading large images was causing the editor to freeze.

[Fixed] Images from the upload panel were not showing for some users.


[Fixed] Projects were crashing after making a lot of changes to pages and widgets.

[Fixed] Some large projects were not printing.

[Fixed] Some links were not working properly when a widget was cloned.


[Fixed] A user was having a problem with the widget menu. It stopped working after upgrading their account and trying to save a design pattern.

[Fixed] Some widgets were disappearing when a user zoomed into a page.

[Fixed] The shortcut - ctrl-d was causing an error and wasn’t duplicating widgets as it is supposed to.

[Fixed] The widget menu stopped responding when trying to add new segments to a segmented widget.


[Fixed] We fixed a loading issue in Firefox.