A host of quickfixes to improve the overall experience of the editor.


  • Fixed Added validation for new IE vat numbers
  • Fixed css minification doesnt add hashes to the filename, can cause outdated css files to load.
  • Fixed Library dropdown items should expand on click, not hover.
  • Fixed Reduced Blurring of widgets when focus of the camera is upon other elements
  • Fixed Setting the height of a widget in the context menu loses focus while typing, causing a frustrating jump when editing size
  • Fixed Incorrect rendering of an image on a page in zoomed-out mode after undoing the move with (ctrl+z)
  • Fixed Tutorial : “Click to zoom in” hint is not showing correctly after creating first page
  • Fixed Landscape default activated in device settings pop up even though the page is portrait
  • Fixed Library dropdown should not be visible for inactive project after closing project’s settings page with ‘Close’ button
  • Fixed Library should not say “No result found” after clearing search
  • Fixed Library’s Search text should not be stored from previous used account after signing out
  • Fixed Open & close library tooltips are the wrong way around
  • Fixed Locked lib icon remains selected into library dropdown after clicking it and not upgrading
  • Fixed My Widgets library is not visible after upgrading
  • Fixed Down arrow widget draw incorrectly when zoomed out (zoomed in is correct)
  • Fixed Pasting widgets via ctrl-V doesnt remove tutorial tip on a new page