• Fixed Hover over library should not cause library to open
  • Fixed Added explainer text to save to library screen when opened
  • Fixed Timeline no longer appears over share menu when both are open


  • Fixed Request to upgrade when trying to restore projects in upgraded accounts
  • Fixed Incorrectly reporting active status and project title when viewing an inactive project settings
  • Fixed Wrong name of project showing in thumbnail and looking wrongly inactivated after reaching active projects limit and trying to activate
  • Fixed Project’s thumbnail is missing after restoring project
  • Fixed Scroll icon is cut off when reaching end of the list in all projects page
  • Fixed Using undo after changing a background does not restore original background
  • Fixed‘Drag widgets here’ hint is left outside the page when changing default orientation
  • Fixed Page boundary line showing incorrectly after changing orientation and undoing
  • Fixed When a project is activated from a zoomed in screen, the library does not appear correctly after activation
  • Fixed Not possible to delete uploads from “my uploads” folder
  • Fixed Typo when My Widgets lib is empty
  • Fixed Icon missing from text properties pop up