Better Retina Support, Pinned Widgets, Image Autofit, and more!

By Yuri Brigadir on Dec 17, 2013

I’m really excited to announce one of our best releases yet. With this release, we begin moving towards retina display support, with nearly all of the editor icons replaced with beautiful new retina versions.

Also in this release is one of our favourite new features, pinned widgets. This is a feature that allows you to ‘fix’ a widget in place during scrolling. For example, your mockup’s status bars can now actually act like status bars, bringing your mockups a step closer to reality. This feature is located in the context menu when you’ve selected a widget.

Image autofit is another brilliant feature in this release. This allows you to upload images of any size without having to worry about the image resolution. Uploaded images will now automatically scale to a reasonable default when added to a page, to save you that extra step. This feature is also located in the context menu after selecting an uploaded image.