Browser update issues

  • [Fixed] Gradients not drawing in preview on most recent version of FF.

Preview / Collaboration

  • [Fixed] (Preview) - Video/sound does not reconnect correctly when toggling video button multiple times in the same session.
  • [Fixed] (Preview) - Library for reviewer defaults to open, not closed.
  • [Fixed] (Preview) - Camera still transmits sound after user turns off their own preview (introduced in latest preview release).
  • [Fixed] (Preview) - “New version” warning now shows every time a project is updated, not only the first time for reviewers.
  • [Fixed] (Preview) - Offline video calling toggle still showing despite being on a call (introduced in last release).
  • [Fixed] (Collaboration) User avatar out of position in collaboration mode when user has no uploaded image.
  • [Fixed] (Collaboration) Widget menu shows in collaborative edit mode when zoomed out if another user creates a group of widgets.
  • [Fixed] (Collaboration) Copy + pasting (and duplicate) in collaborate mode no longer causes the active page to change for other users.
  • [Fixed] (Collaboration) When collaborating - page size changes propagate incorrectly.

General performance / stability

  • [Fixed] Lock GUI when zooming.
  • [Fixed] Lock UI when clone project, create project is first clicked to prevent two versions of the same project being created.

(These two fixes should fix a number of cases where projects could become corrupt as the timing of the events could mean the server didn’t know which project/page was actually open).


  • [Fixed] Fixed an issue where one of the pre-rendered iOS asset icons (checkbox) rendered incorrectly in preview.
  • [Fixed] Changing page orientation not updating widgets that are % width.
  • [Fixed] Fixed a case where text positioning would be broken in preview if the line height or text size was manually input (not using the +/- spinners).
  • Line Height is not saved between refreshes
  • Tables do not draw correctly after refresh


  • [Fixed] Case where clicking edit on a gradient causes a crash / loop
  • [Fixed] Case where grouping is broken after deleting and undo
  • [Fixed] Widget table drop position isn’t accurate when dropped from Library
  • [Fixed] (+) and (x) wireframe widgets now resize better
  • [Fixed] Entering the third digit in color picker input assumes too quickly #ABC means #AABBCC, prevents adding in more details colours.


  • [Fixed] Version history project shows incorrect number of versions of project (off by one)