The culmination of over 2 months of focus on stability and performance, we expect the editor will be significantly more pleasant to work with due to significant improvements in the areas of performance, look and feel and a host of bugfixes. This is a big one, we hope you enjoy it!

Projects list

  • Added owner and collaborator avatars to shared projects to show which projects are shared and with whom.
  • Reduced the load time it takes for the projects list to appear, particularly for accounts with a large number of projects.
  • Fixed an issue where project sorting did not work for projects sorted by name.
  • When a newer version of Fluid UI is released, we always ask you to refresh, this also cause the session to be logged out - kinda frustrating. New releases no longer close the current session and force you to log in again.
  • Signing in with the mobile app no longer ends the open session on desktop, a significant improvement when testing on mobile and designing at the same time.
  • Opening the reviewer comments link no longer causes the active session to be closed (bug)
  • Handled edge cases where projects are archived or deleted by a project owner while the project is being collaborated on.
Preview / reviewer improvements
  • Updated invite email sent to review projects to newer preview link (it still opened an older link which has now been deprecated).
  • Improved wording of invite email
  • Added QR code to email so reviewers can scan directly from the email
  • Eliminated a situation where the preview window loaded twice, slowing down performance
New keyboard shortcuts

  • Add menu documenting all available shortcuts in Fluid UI.
  • Changes / addition to keyboard shortcuts:
  • Make tab (toggle library) work in preview mode
  • Make tab (toggle library) work in comment mode
  • Make tab (toggle library) work in preview mode
  • New shortcut Ctrl-L (Lock/unlock toggle)
  • New shortcut R: Rectangle
  • New shortcut O: Oval
  • New shortcut T: Text
  • New shortcut L: Line
  • New shortcut H Hotspot
  • New shortcut I: Import image
  • New shortcut Z: start linking
Browser support & upgrade

dropped safari support

  • We dropped support for Safari. A huge amount of our time was being spent dealing with Safari specific issues, and it was getting worse and worse. We now support Chrome, Firefox and the desktop clients for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Added a prompt to upgrade from a free account in the top bar. Go on - do it - you know you want to! :)

  • Dramatic improvements for zooming animation and smoothness. Only the largest and busiest pages will now cause a frame to be dropped when zooming in or out.
  • Finish improving resize for table widgets to make it 100% performant
  • Optimised all widget definitions and garbage collection - potentially saving up to 2gb for large accounts when switching between multiple projects!
  • Added performance improvements for various rendering and events around page movement
Selection and resizing

We made a number of fixes and graphical improvements to improve the overall solidity of selection and resizing:

  • Removed the minimum height of 10px restriction when drag resizing - this also fixes a separate jumping widget size issue
  • The first click on a compound widget (multi part, tables etc) should always select the root (even when clicking on text)
  • Improved the look and feel of the hover effects - hovered widgets now have a dotted line, selected widgets a full blue line.
  • Background Clicks: if widgets are selected and the background is clicked, deselect the widgets but dont select the background. The background is only selected on a dedicated click with no other selected widgets.
  • Area select + groups: Area select should outline the group boundary, not the individual widgets in the group
  • Various other fixes and improvements related to specific selection and deselection criteria, it should be a lot more enjoyable to work with overall now.
  • Handles now hide better for very small widgets to make sure you can always draw resize for any widget size.
Quickbar improvements

  • Fixed Ovals and triangles drawing differently between dragging and rendering on canvas
  • Removed the border on square / oval / triangle by default
  • Removed the rounded border rectangle quickbar element - it’s easy enough to recreate this by drawing a rectangle and changing the borders.
  • Lines:
  • Lines now draw horizontally or vertically only - not at any angle (rotate function will be coming in 1-2 releases time)
  • Line is now a 1px background, not a 1px border - easier to change and manage the colour and opacity of the lines.
  • Added keyboard shortcut tips in quickbar shapes tooltips
  • Wording clarification - update tooltips in quickbar to HOTSPOTS and IMAGE from Link Areas and Uploads
Other bugfixes
  • Cut paste positioning now works more intuitively:
  • Cut paste pastes in same position, not down/left 10px
  • Copy paste pastes down left 10px on same page
  • Copy paste pastes in same position on different pages.
  • Sending complete copy of a project to another user sends the selected project (previously only would send the open project)
  • Stack horizontally/vertically icons now appear properly in widget menu when multiple widgets selected
  • Fixed links leaving artefacts when dropping them on the same page as they originate.