A release focused on:

  1. Ensuring the editor loads quickly
  2. Adding verification checks to monitor stability


We’ve done a lot of work on improving the look and feel of widgets in the last 6 weeks (changing everything to SVG, both old and new).

They absolutely look way better, but this has the unfortunate consequence of slowing down rendering, particularly on older/slower machines without huge amounts of RAM.

We’re working now on a performance release to fix these editing bottlenecks.

In the mean time, we’ve also pushed out some quick performance wins that we found - primarily eliminating some third party scripts that loaded slowly and were no longer needed.

We also fixed some bugs that we found from our recent logging releases and added more code to monitor and ensure everything is going ok when editing projects.


  • If the internet connection drops, reconnect after 1, 2, 5, 10 seconds etc rather than 20, 40, 60, 80.
  • Remove Inspectlet from editor (not used).
  • Disable Muscula error tracking system (replaced by an in house system)
  • Don’t log Google Analytics, Intercom errors or meaningless javascript errors.

Logging and verification

  • Added more checks to confirm account status at the various stages of editing. If anything goes wrong, we can track it down more proactively now.


  • Handle Mac error when using some combination of control + draw to create a widget. No known repro, but a common error in the JS error logs.