177. Javascript error logging and good housekeeping release

By Dave Kearney on Nov 8, 2017

When running a business, not every release always results in visible improvements for the product.

Up until now, we’ve used a third party product called Muscula to track javascript errors and improve the user experience.

It doesn’t store user or project information though, so now we’ve now written a few scripts to store any error data ourselves along with who has encountered it.

If something unplanned happens, we can better reach out and proactively fix bugs and issues encountered by Fluid UI users without them ever being reported. (we still appreciate all feedback about your experience though!)

It also has the added benefit of reducing the number of scripts that load at startup, meaning better performance!


  • Changed javascript error logging from a third party solution to our own logging, meaning we can match errors with users/projects and proactively reach out to help when something unexpectedly goes wrong.

Billing housekeeping

  • Update invoices to clarify $ price is USD not any other dollar type.
  • Fixed an issue where users with expired credit cards can’t access their projects until they update and then clear their cache.
  • Added additional logging and checks to remove expired credit cards