This release was focused on improving the 5 new libraries we’ve released over the last few months and fixing any small issues that weren’t caught in the initial release.

We’ve added a few widgets that have been requested or didn’t make the cut in the first release, plus replaced some older images with resizable / colorable high quality SVGs.

We’ve also fixed a few issues in Safari where the slightly different text rendering meant that text would wrap differently to Chrome / Firefox / the desktop apps.

Enjoy - and nice work by @astro on this particular release!



  • Updated phones list to include latest iphones models.
  • Image now scale better when resizing library widgets with images contained within them.
  • Added new footer widgets to various libraries
  • Images and icons replaces with SVGs in new libraries


  • JS error on specific widget while zooming
  • iOS tab bar tab background scales badly
  • Mobile iOS homepage widget doesn’t scale right
  • Material Design top bar drawing incorrectly
  • Safari - Share bar draws badly from library
  • Safari - text box are smaller than the text in preview mode
  • Images as root/background widgets dont draw correctly