172. Inline previewing and video calling while collaborating

By Dave Kearney on Oct 6, 2017

The desktop release for Fluid UI is working great - but when testing it, the usability of project previews showing in different tabs ended up being an issue we hadn’t factored in - so we’ve updated that first.

Overall the web experience is better now and the desktop version will be launched straight after this, with live presentations and voice/video calling working both in preview and now when in editing all in the same place.

I’m excited to hear what you think!



  • Preview no longer loads as a separate tab
  • Voice/Video calls can now be started in preview, and be carried on while editing and adding comments.
  • Restarting the preview now works across all reviewers on a call.
  • Added a warning to inform reviewers when a project has been updated in editing while people are reviewing to get them to refresh.


  • Fixed an error in team collaboration mode that cause the browser to refresh.
  • Reviewer comments not loading correctly when loaded from preview (sorry for letting this one slip through!)