• [Fixed] Hotspots visible when toggled to off in preview


[Fixed] Page settings now close when clicking inside a page

[Fixed] Color picker menu now displays correct title text when editing shadow settings.

Uploads/ Images/ Widgets

[Fixed] Pasted image is now centered within the page

[Fixed] Blank widgets are no longer pasted following undo/ redo action

[Fixed] Extra pixel removed from uploads panel

[Fixed] Widget menu is reset when switching from one widget to another

[Fixed] It is now possible to add a comment to all SVG images

[Fixed] It is now possible to delete a row that has been pasted from a segment

[Fixed] Fixed an issue where some widget would not draw in zoomed out mode

[Fixed] Symbols now functions correctly after saving SVG images to symbols library

[Fixed] At 75% zoom and below, dragging a widget between pages does not cause editor to zoom out

[Fixed] Rows in table view widget now deleting correctly

[Fixed] Creating a link from a cloned page results in link from cloned page and not from the original page


[Fixed] Uploaded images no longer flicker when adding more widgets

[Fixed] Widget dragged into another page no longer visible in the original page

[Fixed] Glitch when dragging an image from a page to another one has been removed

[Fixed] Page is no longer flashing when closing or opening library panel

[Fixed] Size indicators are now correct when drawing when not at 75% zoom and below

[Fixed] Size indicators are correct when creating shape from smart menu with shift/ctrl

Testing and receiving feedback is an important part of the design process and we have improved the experience for those users who were unable to comment on preview links.

171.1 release - a few more bugfixes


Transparent widget is drawn in zoom out mode

Undo/Redo not working on some multi-segment widgets

Screen editing

Collaboration mode indicator visible on pages when project was not shared with other team members

Edge case where a user was unable to edit one page


  • [Fixed]
    Small number of users were unable to comment on preview link