Preview/ Share/ Commment

  • [Fixed] Copying preview link from share screen does not generate the correct URL
  • [Fixed] Loading Spinner continues to show when viewing project by scanning the QR code in the Fluid UI app
  • [Improved] Remove Comment tab in comment page for reviewer and aligning screen flow button in the same place we have the “home icon” (right side)
  • [Improved] Improved line wrapping when chatting in preview
  • [Improved] Favicon and project images when link is pasted now look a lot better


  • [Improved] Hide resize handles when moving the keyboard
  • [Fixed] Widget cannot be selected after duplicating it via alt+drag

Menu opening/closing

  • [Improved] clicking on canvas when widgets are selected now deselects widget but doesnt zoom out
  • [Fixed] link menu closes automatically when performing another action inside the editor

Signin Page

  • [Improved] Chrome field autocomplete + save information