Page Rendering

  • [Fixed] Blank pages for Safari users when zoomed-out and in
  • [Fixed] User reported blank pages on zoomed-out view
  • [Fixed] Widgets disappearing off screens

Preview/ Live

  • [Fixed] Page size reducing in live preview
  • [Fixed] Hotspots visible in preview mode even when they are supposed to be turned off
  • [Fixed] Texts size and position changes between edit and preview
  • [Fixed] Preview/ Live does not account for the top bar
  • [Fixed] Dropdown menus in preview window do not work
  • [Fixed] Preview settings do not work in external preview
  • [Fixed] Top of preview is too high on default screen sizes

Multisegment Widgets

  • [Fixed] Table widgets with edited background colours don’t save to libraries
  • [Fixed] Save to Library/ group do not work for some users


  • [Fixed] Camera centering is suboptimal when zooming into top/bottom of pages


  • [Fixed] Some actions causing link to clone menu to appear unexpectedly in Safari


  • [Fixed] Bold toggle off does not work for some Firefox users