This is the first in a suite of new library updates (SVG icons, material design and iOS to follow). This particular release brings not only an entire new library to the Fluid editor it also brings a new way to design your UI.

Not only will you be able to design more efficiently, you will be able to do it more quickly thanks to the performance improvements which also come as part of this release.

Blockframe/ Wireframe Libraries

  • [New] Block font is now included in the list of fonts
  • [New] Blockframe library added
  • [Improvement] Wireframe library updated with new widgets
  • [Improvement] Library dropdown replaced with updated version

New Editing Features

  • [Improvement] Border radius draws perfect circle when at 100% zoom
  • [Improvement] All text properties now have a more consistent look
  • [Improvement] It is possible to set individual border radii
  • [Improvement] X,y position of a widget can now be set manually in the editor


  • [Fixed] Investigated lag reported while editing
  • [Fixed] Fixed a number of cases where projects with 100+ pages would not load before timing out

Performance Improvements

  • [Improved] Optimized page miniature previews regeneration
  • [Improved] Additional libraries are now loaded asynchronously
  • [Improved] Removed unused parts of code that calculate complicated CRC sums and that are not used anymore in order to optimize how and when we regenerate previews.
  • [Improved] Uploaded compiled sources for each deployment event to CDN and used them instead of ones loaded from our server
  • [Improved] Removed all empty libraries (‘my widgets’) from the database and from loading pool and checking pool.
  • [Improved] Compressed fonts and other compressible resources served from our servers
  • [Improved] Moved resources (fonts, icons etc) to CDN