158. Editor and uploads performance improvements

May 18, 2017
Tagged in bugfix, performance

This release contains significant performance improvements for the editor loading speed, project list loading speed and uploaded image loading speed, plus two crash issues (dropping a symbol close to the expanding bin and zooming out by pressing escape when in the middle of drawing a widget with the quick bar).

Faster editor loading

  • Project lists in large accounts loading speed from 8-10s to under 2s by saving project thumbnails to CDN.
  • Widget library definitions and associated images moved to CDN.
  • Set all http headers correctly to ensure no more files than necessary are ever downloaded.

Faster uploads loading

  • Compress (losslessly) all uploads before storing to CDN.
  • Improved caching of uploaded images.


  • [NEW] Pressing escape now cancels shape drawing if it is in progress (used to zoom out and remain in draw mode)
  • [FIXED] In Safari, cmd + z properly maps to UNDO, no longer triggers browser default (close the current tab)
  • [FIXED] Crash when a symbol is dropped just outside the bin before the grown animation is completed.

Cosmetic fixes

  • [FIXED] X icon for some is not aligned with the text
  • [FIXED] Open project from project list naming.