Account/Project loading

  • [NEW] Updated project integrity checks when opening a new/ previous project and reports back to server in case of any issues with a project.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Situation where users who upgraded before recent pause account change are still having their features immediately paused immediately when pausing
  • [FIXED] Changing device and orientation on unloaded projects results in error
  • [FIXED] Broken link in team invite email sent from the server


  • [FIXED] Link settings are still visible after undoing the add of a link and opening it throws an error
  • [FIXED] Link settings doesn’t reappear after undoing the deletion of a widget which had links
  • [FIXED] Double tap gestures don’t respond in preview
  • [FIXED] Link is not visible after undoing page deletion and error is thrown
  • [FIXED] Head of an arrow remains near the page after undoing the link to a clone page


  • [FIXED] List table widgets size resets to default size after reloading