153. Features accessible after cancelling till end of period

By Dave Kearney on Apr 3, 2017
New changes

When you pause (cancel) your account, your account will remain active properly until the end of the paid period rather than reverting to the free account immediately. This helps users who want to sign up for a single short project and users who do not want their accounts to recur automatically.

All changes / fixes


  • [Changed] If you pause/cancel an account in the middle of a billing cycle, you will retain access to those features until the end of that billing cycle.


  • [Fixed] Link settings doesn’t re appear after undoing the deletion of a widget which had links
  • [Fixed] Head of an arrow remains near the page after undoing the link to a clone page
  • [Fixed] Link settings is still visible after undoing the add of a link and opening it throws an error
  • [Fixed] Links settings remains often opened even though other action are performed

Widgets / Pages

  • [Fixed] List table widgets draw correctly to start but look different when the project is reloaded
  • [Fixed] Changing device and orientation on unloaded projects results in error
  • [Fixed] Pages are not visible anymore after resetting zoom level from zoomed out mode


  • [Fixed] Links inviting users to preview no longer lead directly to signup form, but correctly to new preview modes.
  • [Fixed] Double tap gestures responds more reliably in preview