Reloading immediately after actions

  • [Fixed] Project doesn’t get deleted after previously removing one and reloading immediately
  • [Fixed]‘Sorry Fluid UI couldn’t download ….’ and error thrown after deleting project and reloading
  • [Fixed] Edit mode is broken after signing in and reload
  • [Fixed] Error thrown after creating link, reloading and going into preview
  • [Fixed] Links towards start page/previous page/url are broken in the preview after reloading editor and error is thrown
  • [Fixed] Uploading box remains visible on the screen after cancelling the upload using Esc and then pasting image again

Pages, comments and widgets

  • [Fixed] Align tools now show in more cases
  • [Fixed] Widget Menu stops working in specific project on Mac after adding segments
  • [Fixed] Distribute equally doesn’t have timeline name
  • [Fixed] Labels missing after copying and pasting table view
  • [Fixed] Page gets extended after changing orientation and decreasing height
  • [Fixed] Investigate why specific user has ‘null’ in projects versions on dashboard and he got his project archived even though he’s on free
  • [Fixed] Error thrown when trying to delete page but dropping it near the bin
  • [Fixed] Error thrown when double clicking on comment from zoomed in mode


  • [Fixed] Change the font for pages names when zoomed out to Lato
  • [Fixed] When hovering over the upload image icon in the quickbar, show the hand pointer (not arrow)
  • [Fixed] Home menu - change font to Lato.
  • [Fixed] Change library default width to 303px (4 rows of widgets, 2 rows of uploads should be shown)
  • [Fixed] In the home menu, Remove the 85% width of the hover on account settings so it is like all others.
  • [Fixed] Change the alt text on the copy button in preview to “Copy to share”
  • [Fixed] Change the cursor to pointer when hovering on “Copy” in LIVE mode.
  • [Fixed] Change the name of “LIBRARY” in library to “WIDGETS”
  • [Fixed] Remove ‘maybe later’ button from symbols also
  • [Fixed] Add more years to credit card form - Credit card expiration dropdown needs expansion
  • [Fixed]‘Upgrade now’ button should be place in the same position in uploads and symbols

Teams and account

  • [Fixed] Team members are downgraded at the same time with owner to solo/pro
  • [Fixed] Updating card details screen can’t be closed when logging in after a failed payment
  • [Fixed] Sometimes newly created account is upgraded to team by default
  • [Fixed] Editor goes into comment mode and edit is no longer clickable after using 2 different accounts in same browser

Projects and versioning

  • [Fixed] Previous project version is active after restoring and reloading/signing in again
  • [Fixed] Investigate why specific users have missing pages suddenly but after restoring everything is back
  • [Fixed]‘Newer version of the project…’ prompt doesn’t show up in anonymous mode
  • [Fixed] Investigate why versions appear as 1970 for the complete copies sent