150.2 Added port 443 / turn server support for video calling

By Dave Kearney on Mar 1, 2017


  • Added support for turn servers to allow connections from additional firewalled sources connections
  • Switched webRTC signalling server port to 443 and server to live.fluidui.com to allow connections restricted connections / firewalls.
  • Improved wording for connection that refuses to let user use websockets / blocks port 443.
  • Closing sidebar in Live causes bin to overlap open/close sidebar menu


  • [Fixed] Page changes is not syncing for other people when multiple people click in quick succession.
  • [Fixed]‘A newer version of the project’ has been found in edit mode showing up when closing live presentation
  • [Fixed] Two thumbnails of the same video user are visible after user is joining again the call by pressing call button
  • [Fixed] When user disconnects from the call but stays in edit mode, the user name doesn’t show up correctly