We’ve been slaving over the Fluid UI cooker and we’re exceptionally happy that our latest and most important feature in a long time is now ready for tasting. Get ready for a new level in unlocking your creativity: prototyping with your entire team using real time collaboration - now live!

  • Share prototypes with your team. Let them work on the design at the same time as you from anywhere in the world.
  • Watch and offer feedback while iterating with your team - just like you were in the same room.
  • Divide and conquer: Break down different parts of your design between different members of your team and deliver them quickly - all in the same project.
  • Combine collaboration with real time video calling to capture requirements and create prototypes while you chat with clients and stakeholders.
  • Add comments to track stakeholder and user feedback as you chat before taking the design offline to create new iterations for sharing and feedback.
  • Perform daily standups in the preview to ensure designs are being adhered to and understood - completely.

Start by adding your teammates now

Add your teammates to your team in the Team Management panel of the editor: Fluid UI add teammate

Share your project with them: Share projects with teammates in Fluid UI

You teammates will get invited, and your shared projects will be in the shared projects list: Finding a shared project in Fluid UI

Start collaborating offline or in real time: Start collaborating in Fluid UI

Optionally, switch into live mode and start a video / voice call (available to both members of your team and your clients - no account signup needed) Real time video calling in Fluid UI

Account details

Note: Collaboration is available on the team plans for up to 5 users. For larger teams, please contact us in the live support chat.