Major features/improvements:
  • Added a different Favicon so the homepage/guide/blog and editor favicons are different - it’s now much easier to tell which tab is the editor.
  • Added option to stack and distribute a selection of widgets evenly horizontally or vertically (added to the alignment dropdown).
  • When link is being dragged but not yet dropped, escape key cancels adding link and zooms back in to the original page.
  • CTRL-B now correctly toggles bold when text is selected, doesn’t just make widget bold.
2 annoying bugs fixed:
  • cmd d to duplicate a widget should not try to add bookmark too
  • Reduced cases where “A newer version has been found…” shows when signed in into different accounts
10 look/feel improvements:
  • Hover effect on pages in project context (normal blue hover outline, not shadow)
  • Hover effect on pages in comment context (normal blue hover outline, outline not shadow)
  • Bottom right bin: Use grey bin icon
  • Bin: Change hover animation colour to grey too
  • Removed background colour from selected widgets so its easier to see how colours/fonts will work against the background they are set in.
  • When editing text, there should be no background colour in the selection box (may be the same as the one directly above).
  • Don’t show highlighted links in preview by default (but do remember user/project choice).
  • Don’t flash the page frame when the library is opening and closing (…if there is no page movement as a result)
  • Changed bin colour to the colour grey in the sheep and made the grow animation much more subtle.
  • Wording change from user to communicate various screens better for non native English speakers.
Updated device list:
  • Add iphone 7/8 DPI resolutions to dropdown list in signup (should also automatically be updated in change settings and add project)
  • Remove iphone 3 in dropdown list
  • Remove iphone 4 in dropdown list
  • Change order of iphones to most recent 7 downwards
Sign in and navigation:
  • Focus on email field by default in sign up and sign in forms
  • Any time a full screen menu is opened, home menu should be closed immediately.
Fixes/improvements to the widget menu:
  • When pasting a value to the colour picker hex field that has a # in front, strip the hash and paste the rest. (Legal: fff, ffffff, #fff, #ffffff).
  • When opening the colour picker (text, background and border), focus on the hex input field (with everything selected) so you can paste a hex value from your clipboard immediately.
  • Bug: Add a text widget. Change font to one of the bottom ones in the font list. The font changes, but it is not selected correctly in the dropdown (defaults to helvetica again)
  • Opacity slider position is now centered correctly.
4 Small fixes to the library:
  • Hide the word “uploads” in uploads tab when you are a free user
  • Search box should not be emptied when switching between libraries and tabs - search filter should be applied to new data instead.
  • Have one transition for all library switching animations - the one for switching between libraries (hide, then fade in). No movement up or down.
  • For free users, update the wording and layout in the symbols tab to match the layout in uploads using the wording (try it first…) “Save your own widgets by selecting them and clicking (X) save”.