Added/improved keyboard shortcuts for navigation

  • Add ctrl/cmd+ and ctrl/cmd- shortcut to zoom in/out 25% (Doesn’t zoom browser)
  • Resets to 100% zoom on ctrl/cmd-0.
  • Add space-drag for panning at page context.
  • Arrow keys pan by 50px when no widget is selected (no longer changes active page)
  • Space + arrow key when widgets are selected: pan by 50px (doesn’t move widgets)
  • Improved escape key order of priority: Close any open menus, next deselect any selected widgets, otherwise zoom out.


  • Changed mouse scroll up/down/left/right to pan, not zoom in/out at page context
  • Changed MacOS trackpad swipe up/down/left/right to pan, not zoom in/out at page context (same as scroll)

Navigation defaults

  • Clicking screenflow button always goes to screenflow (no longer stops at page level first)
  • Switch to FIXED mode by default (smart camera will be removed entirely in a future release). Most users tend to find this mode more usable.
  • Remove “Mouse zoom” button in UI. This is deprecated in favour of panning on mouse scroll.

5 text improvements

  • When editing text, it should overflow the container. When editing is complete, the container should resize to the new size to accommodate all the text (Now works for new text widgets).
  • Double click to edit text should not work when widget is locked.
  • [Fixed] CTRL-a when editing text should select all text, not all widgets
  • [Fixed] CTRL-d when editing text should stop editing, save widget, duplicate widget, don’t save bookmark
  • [Fixed] Arrow keys should move inside text and not move widget when editing text.

6892: AutoQA [QA]

  • Added automated tests for all the above.