140. Bugfixes

Nov 03, 2016
Tagged in bugfix
  • [Fixed] Error thrown when trying to align multiple widget
  • [Fixed] Align button now shows when groups are part of a selection.
  • [Fixed] Fonts render wrong when using vertical align middle or bottom
  • [Fixed] Table widgets can now add/remove rows after they are saved to symbols and reused.
  • [Fixed] Widgets now position correctly on pages when added via click when multiple pages are overlapping.
  • [Fixed] Url links now show in preview mode when show links is enabled.
  • [Fixed] Clarified wording when user enters invalid email address on forgot password page.
  • [Fixed] error thrown when undoing page size changes with certain widgets.
  • [Fixed] Border/Radius value is reset after first change of width using + button.
  • [Fixed] Border button no longer appears disabled when multiple widgets are selected
  • [Fixed] Android 'Phone (16:9)' is no longer displayed as 'Phone (other-set later)' when selected
  • [Fixed] Segments can't be deleted using delete button