UI improvements

chose your project in fluid ui

With one click you can open your projects list and chose which one of your projects you want to work on, create a new one or preview a shared project as soon as you open the editor.

Managing your archived projects

archived projects fluid ui

You can now manage your archived projects in the new panel. Restore archived projects or delete them forever or just see how many archived projects you have.

You can still find all of your archived projects by using the search bar and filtering for archived.

Fixed Bugs

  • Deleting an open project was resulting in another random project being opened.
  • There was a text glitch where the text jumped when a user switched to preview mode.
  • A user was still able to see an archived project after archiving from their project’s settings and closing the project settings dialogue box.
  • A user reported that some text was not visible in zoomed out mode while using Firefox.