Exports and previews

[Fixed] Widgets are now aligned properly when previewing on a mobile device.

[Fixed] We fixed a problem where images were not showing up in the print pages dialogue box.

[Fixed] A user wasn’t able to export screens after exporting html of two projects.

Text widgets

[Fixed] Some text was disappearing after the text box was duplicated.

[Fixed] Some text glitches were appearing after cloning, resizing or undoing.

[Fixed] Text was not duplicated when a user copied and pasted it.

[Fixed] Some text was being cut after changing it’s color.

[Fixed] Changing color in large text was interfering with the text’s line height.


[Fixed] A user wasn’t able to make a copy of their project even after upgrading.

[Fixed] A user’s projects were not updating correctly when accessed from the home menu.


[Fixed] The device resolution dropdown menu wasn’t working properly after choosing a custom resolution.

[Fixed] We fixed a problem where undo wasn’t working for some users.

[Fixed] The bin was staying open when opening other menus, it now closes when a user is finished with it.

[Fixed] The mouse zoom option was reset to ‘on’ after a user logged out and logged back in again.