Libraries and uploads

[Fixed] We’ve fixed a bug that was making the editor crash when a user deleted items from the saved patterns library.

[Fixed] Uploads are now displayed in order of most recently uploaded.

[Fixed] The uploads library wasn’t opening automatically when uploading images by dragging them onto the canvas.


[Fixed] After deleting shared projects, those projects were still showing in the archived projects of the account where they were shared to.

[Fixed] Some projects were not getting deleted and were still visible when a user signed out and back in again.

[Fixed] Some deleted projects could still be previewed by a user.

[Fixed] Page notes were not entirely visible in preview mode when they contained a long piece of text.

[Fixed] A user reported that closing the forgotten password dialogue box was hiding the login box.


[Fixed] There was a bug where the border color of a segment wasn’t applied when there was only one segment left on a multi segment widget.

[Fixed] When multiple spaces were added in text widgets they didn’t render correctly when the user zoomed out.

[Fixed] Some pasted text was not showing for a user in zoomed out mode.

[Fixed] A user reported that text wasn’t aligning properly when previewing on an iOS device.

[Fixed] Some links were not showing correctly in zoomed out mode.

[Fixed] Some links were disappearing and reappearing when a user was in zoomed out mode.